BeeWhisper 6.2 – bee venom collector

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BeeWhisper 6.2  – A collector that collects bee venom completely automatically and with care for the bees.

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The new BeeWhisper 6.2 is much more than a solid, smart all-in-one compact Bee Venom Collector. This is the most effective, easiest and safest collector to harvest bee venom, that we have created. We have been producing Bee Venom Collectors since 1992

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Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 36 × 26 × 5 cm

20 reviews for BeeWhisper 6.2 – bee venom collector

  1. Gankhuyag , Mongolia

    Dear Mr Iliya Kanchev, Our bee keepers and I are very happy with the bee venom collectors. In the last 3 weeks, I worked in the countryside in my bee farm and we have been collecting bee venom. Please see attached file with some pictures of our bee farm and bee venom collector. We have pure bee venom. The Mongolian country side is very nice and wild. Thank you for your kind attention. Best regards, Gankhuyag

  2. Micke, Czech Republic

    Thank you very much for your very quick response. So that’s very easy to order and use it, I will do so. One more question. Do you also sell or do you know were to buy a beehive air machine which sucks the air from hive to the mask? Thank you very much and Merry Christmas! Mike

  3. Emmanuel , Australia

    Hi, I used your bee venom collector here in Sydney, Australia recently. I borrowed one from a local university and I made a short 60 sec video on it. I really would like to buy one to continue my research. Do you have re-sellers in Australia? Thanks

  4. Cecilia, USA

    Good morning, Iliya: I thought I would share some of these pictures of last night’s collection. I really enjoy working with you and thank you so very much for your generous attention and sharing of information. You’re the best!-

  5. Maurizio , Italy

    Hi Iliya, It is a pleasure to hear from you. The tight brackets work fine! I collected very little venom and very little honey due to the drought! Hopefully it will be better next year. Best wishes, Maurizio

  6. Ray , Tanzania

    Hi Iliya! I would like to thank you for the machines. I got them last week – Friday after paying taxes. I will send you pictures and videos as soon as I start using them. I hope to order some more machines in the near future. Once again, thank you very much!!

  7. Raymond , Tanzania

     started harvesting on Thursday this week. I couldn’t start earlier due to the rainy season which has just finished. It has been a good experience as we have never done this before, so it was like a learning process. The bees were so wild, we had to halt the harvesting and think of a good calm way of harvesting so that bees may not sting people in the surrounding areas. We will start this again this weekend.

  8. Nikos, Greece

    Hello Mr Kanchev, The collector has arrived.You have done a really nice job with the device. We’ll be in touch. With appreciation, Nikos

  9. Anonymous, NewZealand

  10. Anonymous,USA

    Unit worked exactly as advertised and we have collected venom from two different hives. Couple points: First, one session on one hive produces VERY little overall venom. Bulk production is not in the cards unless you have many hives. Second, we were amazed at how hostile the bees became. Finally, we were surprised how attached the bees got to the Whisper. Had to brush them off and they got irritated about that also. First attempt at venom face cream is showing positive results!

  11. Anonymous, Finland

  12. Anonymous,

  13. Anonymous, Slovenia

    I am very satisfied with this collector. I try more of them and this one has the best results. I recommend this collector to anyone because is great and practical. Thanks

  14. Joseph Czerwinski , Australia

    We recently (Dec 2019) purchased a collector from the bee whisper and put it to work immediately. The instructions are straight forward and easily understood. The collector comes with a wire bracket that helps secure the collector close to the hive entry. With some European hives that is probably enough to ensure the collector is secure. Our hives in Australia did not allow for that system to work with maximum surety (perhaps it was just us being over cautious)We soon made up a very quick and easy jig to hold the collector that made us feel comfortable. We have now “milked” approx 20 hives and have not noticed any deleterious effects on our bees. There was no sign of mortality during the “milking”. Why did we choose this collector? Having googled “bee venom collector”and studied what the others had to offer, the simpleness of this collector in that every thing is self contained and light was the selling point to us.In Australia we travel very large distances to very remote and uninhabited areas in search of honey. The fact that this unit is self contained means that you do not have to think about cables,batteries or controls to pack when leaving on a trip.Regularly we travel 500 km so you can imagine it is no simple matter and an expensive exercise to return home if somethings were forgotten to pack.ur only “contribution” to this collector has been the jig that was built out of scrap plywood and the addition of some glass plates. We have no hesitation in endorsing this product,nor have we have been offered any inducements to do so. If you wish to contact me please do so .

  15. RAYMUNDO Herrera ,USA

  16. Simon , Tanzania

    Hello Am glad to let you know that the device bee venom collector has been received and now i have it on my hand. Thanking you again for the cooperation. You have an exemplary service. Regards, Simon

  17. Gary , USA

    I wish to thank you very much for such quick service. My package was delivered this morning, February 24, 2021. It was well packaged. I have never received faster service. Thank you, very much. …Gary

  18. M Bardanis  , Greece

    Payment done for more pack of 6! Thank you once more, your products are working great and they are very nice for the eye as well. It’s a pleasure having suppliers like you. One problem which i think i have mentioned also last year: the wires become longer under the Greek sun and they short circuit. ps: the fact that you also work on Sunday is appreciated…

  19. Peter, Australia 

    The bee venon collector arrived today and i was very impressed with the speed it arrived and the quality of the product. I tried it out on one of my hives and it works well

  20. K.D. Portugal

    We just received the 3 packages and we wanted to thank you for the caring and save packaging. We are very happy with your service and we hope to order more machines in the future from you.

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