About Us

Our mission is to develop an easy-to-use yet effective product. The beeWhisper bee venom collector has been improved and polished over the years. 

The first bee venom collector was developed back in 1990 by Dr. Iliya Kanchev. Since then, the collector has been constantly bettered to become the most easy to use, most efficient, and safe for bees way of collecting bee venom on the market.

IGK electronics Ltd. is a company founded in Varna, Bulgaria, EU, by Iliya Kanchev, Ph.D. of radioelectronics.

History of the bee venom collector beeWhisper


The first battery-powered collector. The batteries can work for up to a week. Then they must be replaced with new ones.


Local magazine publishes an article about the bee venom collector by Dr. Iliya Kanchev.


The first bee venom collector with a microprocessor inside. Two colors, battery life of 2 months.

2010-2011 - BeeWhisper 4.2

New design, made of one solid block of wood, computer generated models. New software, more durable body, lead-free technology. Battery life is now 3 months. Comes with an additional bracket to help attach to a hive. The front glass has polished rounded edges for safety.

2016 - Bee Whisper 5.0

Improved design again, the battery and electronics are moved to the bottom side to increase work surface by 36%. About 30% more bee venom is collected and batteries last even longer.

2017 - BeeWhisper 5.1

Improved software and bee venom collected is increased by 25% on average. Battery life is now 4 months and the device weighs only 900 grams (1.9 lbs). Better isolation for humidity and gloves are included in the package now.

2018 - BeeWhisper 5.5

Further software improvements to make it even safer for bees. Battery life is 5 months and more bee venom is collected. Bee hive bracket is improved and so is the device’s visual indications system. A bee venom container is included in the package.

2020 - BeeWhisper 6.0

How does it differ from the current model -BeeWhisper 5.5? Beevhisper 6.0 is made of high-quality MDF, which makes it more moisture-resistant and resistant to pests that live in the tree. Instead of the mounting bracket, the new model has a stainless steel plate, which is significantly more durable. At both ends of the glass, there are about 3 mm deep grooves in which to collect accidental contaminants. At the moment, sometimes these impurities, in case of moisture, can make contact with the impulses. Тhe weight: beeWhisper 5.5- 0.95 kg, beeWhisper 6.0 – 1.150 kg. The dimensions and appearance are identical ( BeeWhisper 5.5 and BeeWhisper 6.0 )

2023 - BeeWhisper 6.2

Very noticeably better quality working wires. Significant software improvement. Even longer battery life. Better care for bee health.