Frequently Asked Questions

What are the payment options?

○ We use PayPal or a Bank Transfer or directly by credit/debit card.
○ If you don’t have a PayPal account, you should still be able to complete the payment by clicking Pay with Debit or Credit Card as PayPal Guest Checkout (for some countries).

How much bee venom is produced with 1 Bee Venom Collector in 45 minutes?

We cannot provide a guarantee due to all hives being different. Our multi-year tests show the following:
○ 0.03 grams to 0.09 grams.
○ The amount of bee venom depends on the health and strength of the beehive. Depends on the outside temperature and season.Sometimes, though rarely, need to knock on the hive to get more bees out.

Can I, just once a day, scrape off the bee venom from the glass?

○ No. Bee venom should not be more than necessary in sunlight. The shorter the better.

When does the best result get?

○ Best results are obtained when about 45 min using a collector of a beehive, and then this hive has about 1- 2 hours rest. During this time you can use the collector to another hive.

How do the wires stretch on the bee venom collector?

○ With sharp-tipped pliers, clamp the working wire at the end. The pliers must be clamped 4-8 mm from the wire. It is seen on the apparatus how many and how the wires are twisted originally. Twist the wire very carefully as it stretches. Be careful not to break the wire. The wire breakage, which is 0.7 mm thick, is not covered by the warranty.

When to change battery on Bee Venom Collector BeeWhisper?

When to change battery on Bee Venom Collector BeeWhisper?

What batteries do I use?

○ Use 2 AA type (R06, R6).
○ Use alkaline batteries.
○ Use only the best quality batteries. If you use low-quality batteries, they can leak and damage the collector.

How do I store the device after the end of the season?

○ Switch off the collector from the key.
○ Remove the batteries.
○ Clean the work surface of the unit.
○ Keep the unit in a dry place at a temperature of -15 to +45 degrees

What to do if the red LED flashes 6 times - pause - 6 times?

○ Work pulses are out of range.
○ Contact us

What to do if the green LED blinks very fast and does not stop blinking quickly in a few minutes?

○ This means that there is a lot of moisture on the apparatus. Or at the ends of the conductors, where they are soldered on the underside, at the edge of the glass, there is junk.
Dry the unit
Clean the junk where the glass ends are. You can use a brush or a vacuum cleaner.
Replace the batteries (if the other does not help).

How do I mount the bracket attached to the set ? ( beeWhisper 5.0 and beeWhisper 5.5 only )

○ In the wooden case, from the front, there are 2 holes in which the bracket is inserted. They are drilled at a slope, so that the bracket, once inserted into these holes, does not easily come out alone. First insert one end of the clamp with a slight twist, and then insert the other end.

Should I switch the bee venom collector off the switch, when it switches off automatically?

○ To turn it on again, first turn it off.
○ Turn off the key at the end of the day.
○ When you store it for a long time, always switch off the switch.

The bee venom collector BeeWhisper, is there an external power supply, and additional cables ?

○ No.
○ Everything is in the collector itself.

When is the bee venom scraped off glass?

○ After taking the bee venom collector from the hive, remove the glass and immediately scrape the bee venom

How many bee hives can I serve with one apparatus?

○ One to three hives in succession.

Is it harmful to bee health to collect bee venom?

○ There are no data and observations about the deterioration of the health and strength of the bee family.
The impulses that irritate the bees are extremely weak, but enough for the bees to start beating. You can judge for the safety of this: that our collector works only with 2 AA type batteries, 1.5 volts. And with these batteries, the device can work up to 5 months each working day. You can judge how little current and energy goes into the bees. Unlike third party devices that work with external generators and power supplies.

When and how to clean working wires?

○ At the end of each business day.
○ With alcohol or alcohol wipe.
○ Or with a wet cloth for glasses.

How do I change batteries?

○ On the underside of the apparatus, under the battery-laden lid, are the batteries.
○ Using a screwdriver, unscrew the screws on the cap and remove it.
○ Remove the batteries.
○ Insert the new batteries while taking care of the correct direction.

Can I use rechargeable batteries, size AA, 1.2 V?

○ No. Rechargeable batteries have a lower voltage. (2x 1.2V=2.4 V) . The Bee Venom Collector  BeeWhisper works with voltage from 2.4 V to 3.5V.

How long can I work with a battery pack?

○ Up to 4-5 months, depending on batteries.

How to clean the unit under the wires from dust and small pieces?

○ Best of all, with a brush or a vacuum cleaner. Then clean the vacuum cleaner with alcohol and discard the container. Wash brush with alcohol.

What to do if the red LED blinks three times -pauses-3 times?

○ This means that the batteries are depleted. Replace the batteries.

What to do if the red LED lights up permanently?

○ This means that two adjacent wires are touched.
Move the wires apart. Stretch the wires.

What it means if the green LED flashes slowly, but the red blinks in sync with it?

○ Batteries should be replaced soon. The unit still works.
Replace the batteries with new ones if possible.

How often do we clean the work wires and what to use?

At the end of each business day. Use cotton or cotton cloth soaked in alcohol to clean the working wires. Then dispose of this cotton in a safe place. Do not damage the machine if it is frequent cleaning of the wires.